“If You Are A Small Business That Is Looking For A True Technology Partner, Focuses On Your Businesses Needs And Your Success, I Would Highly Recommend ETC TechSolutions As Your IT Provider!”

We are a small business that had no real IT support and were using a backup solution that was not tested or setup properly. After taking over the business, I would be up at night realizing how dangerous this would be if a disaster were to hit us. No one in our business had the knowledge or were qualified to handle our IT needs.

That's when we were referred to ETC. Emerson met with us and expressed his concerns that we did not have a secure, reliable technology solution in place. He provided us with the perfect solution and a very reasonable price and we decided that ETC was the partner for us.

We have not been disappointed with ETC's team or services. Working with ETC has been very beneficial on so many levels. As our business changes, our needs change and the team at ETC always recommended the right solution and equipment we need to keep our business up and running. They are super-fast at responding to any of our support issues or concerns. I would definitely recommend ETC to anyone looking for partner who is focused on you and your success!

Amy Herston Vice-President
Rainbow Rubber Extrusions

“We have worked with ETC TechSolutions for over 6 years, there was no other option in my mind on who to choose for our phone and internet solutions!”

We were having phone quality issues and internet problems that our previous provider could not resolve ETC was the answer we needed! The whole team was able to listen to our needs and give us a solid customizable platform. The phones are easy to use and have an unlimited number of features. We can make changes on the fly and when we are away from the office we now have a plan for handling emergency calls. Thanks to the whole ETC team for the exceptional service you provide.

Dr. James Lipaj Owner
Dr. James J. Lipaj, DDS.

“We were spending countless hours in downtime and knew we needed reliable equipment and a partner we could depend on. Trusting in ETC's has saved us an incredible amount of time and money.”

As a small business, we knew that to operate efficiently we needed a knowledgeable and fairly priced technology provider that we could rely on. We did not have the tools in place to help our business thrive, which caused us 2 or 3 hours of downtime. ETC's managed services is exactly what we needed to know that our systems are being protected 24/7. The entire staff is friendly and quick to respond with a solid solution to every support request. The greatest benefit of having a partner like ETC is that computer interruption is almost nonexistent. We chose to partner with ETC 11 years ago and have been beyond pleased with their service. We will be a lifelong partner!

Joyce Crocker President
Performance Hydroblasting Inc.

Not Only Did Emerson Provide Us With The Right Solution For Our Business, He Consulted Us On How To Make Our Business More Secure And Reliable For Our Clients.

One of our many challenges with our business was that we did not have a sufficient networking solution in place for our clients to be able to use. Our previous system limited our vendors' ability to properly process credit card sales and completely restricted shippers' access in any form. After throwing tons of money at different solutions proposed by other IT companies, we realized we were being given bad advice and wrong solutions.

We met with Emerson and discussed how important it was for our locations to have a reliable internet and networking solution in place. Emerson evaluated our network as it was today and provided us with a solution that was like no other. They took the necessary time, steps and attention to provide us with a solution that not only worked in our environment but also saved us money! The entire team at ETC knocked it out of the park during the installation. ETC's customer service and support has been expectational and they are very responsible even on the weekends when we need them. Their technicians are very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional and the solutions they consult with us on are a great fit for our needs.

Danielle Salyer Business Director (Former)
Levin Service Company

“ETC Solutions is the answer to small businesses that simply cannot afford to hire a full time IT staff.”

When our business launched in 2008 ETC TechSolutions helped determined the best system for my phones, WIFI, and internet by understanding what my current needs were as well as what we anticipated for the future to make sure we have the best system to meet all those needs. Not only do we work with them on major projects or maintaining our current system, but they are there to help with the smallest of questions or concerns when the computer or system has a glitch and also notify us of products or upgrades that would enhance productivity. It's nice to be able to know someone is a phone call away.

Sandy Miller Owner
Buckeye Event Center

 “Other than hiring an accounting firm, the best decision I made at the outset of Marshall Face2Face was to seek the help of an IT service firm”

Emerson Yerian and his team of IT professionals are proving their worth by providing key backup, monitoring and tech support. Simply put, I do not have the time nor inclination to be my own tech support manager and doing so would only get in the way of servicing my clients. ETC's attention to detail and follow-through have provided the confidence that MF2F's system is protected and the all-important data is secure.

Roger Campbell Owner
Marshall Face2Face

“Why Didn't We Switch Earlier?”

As a small business that needs dependable phones, we were tired and frustrated with poor service providers. Most of the time the services did not work which resulted in us having to use our own personal cell phones to make business calls. We had tried using other providers who claimed they provided a cheap monthly service for great service, but we were let down time after time. We had already been using ETC as our Technology Partner and when they added a new service for Phone Services we knew they would be the answer we had been looking for! Since switching to ETC, we have not had any phone service issues. ETC has provided us with a customizable platform that allows us to change as our business grows. We have been able to save money with our phone services and ETC helped us get the faster internet available in our area! ETC is always fast to respond and helps us resolve any issues we may have and not blame it on the internet like other providers. Working with ETC has been beneficial because they provide fast service at an affordable price. We would definitely recommend their services to other businesses.

Roy Browning Owner
JMC Brands

“We found that all other ‘technical experts’ are unreliable, lack expertise, and availability. ETC is a partner who is incredibly responsive and provides a solution for us to grow.”

As CPAs, our business is entirely reliant upon technology to provide our clients a high-quality product.  In the past we had used a combination of personal experience and other technical ‘experts’, who ended up lacking the knowledge, availability, and reliability. We were unable to access client files at times which caused our business significant downtime. ETC is the right partner for us and we would recommend anyone looking for a trusted advisor to choose them! They are incredibly knowledgeable and provide us with the right solution to help our business grow. ETC has allowed us to focus on our clients and not wear the hat of ‘technical expert’ and CPA.

Laurie Price Owner
HHL Group Inc.

“We had met with several other companies over time who just didn’t cut it!  ETC has been our choice for over 10 years. An Honest and Experienced trusted advisor in all technology needs!”

As a HIPPA covered entity with multiple locations, our nonprofit organization relies heavily on ETC TechSolutions for our IT design and support.  We met with Emerson and his staff and together we transformed Rebuilding Together into an efficient and flexible cloud environment. Their training allowed our staff to improve their day to day processes. The team at ETC has been extremely friendly, and they truly care about our organization, a true partner in helping us accomplish our mission.

Paul Holm Executive Director
Rebuilding Together NEO

“We had NOTHING in place for IT services and were completely vulnerable – ETC has become our trusted advisor and lifeline in all technology needs!”

Two years ago, I was spending countless hours troubleshooting my our office computer problems. When there was a computer problem it would significantly disrupt the whole day from normal office procedures. I was constantly worrying what would happen if a computer crashed or if we lost data! As a small business, we value technology. We just did not know where to start to correct the problems we were having, and that’s when we called ETC TechSolutions!

Fast forward to today, we now have the trusted advisor that we have always desired. ETC handles all computer needs for us. I never have to question whether my data is being backed up or if my software is up to date. ETC proactively alerts us of issues, and when we have a problem they respond quickly. They have exceptional customer service and a skilled, friendly supportive staff!

Maria Donatelli Peterson Owner
Baumgardner Products Company

"We tried to work with other IT companies, but none of them compared to the level of expertise and support ETC provides. ETC is light years ahead of all IT companies!"

Our clinic relies heavily on technology to operate our business, and we thought the one-man IT guy we were using had us covered; we were wrong. We could never get ahold of him to help us with our support issues and he would not learn the new advances in technology. We knew that to stay innovative in our industry a change needed to be made.
After we met Emerson, we knew right away we had the right team. Emerson and his team provided us with a plan to improve our network and implemented this with little interruption to our daily operations. The whole team at ETC is knowledgeable, quick to respond, and provides excellent customer service. ETC is always learning and making sure we have the right solutions as technology changes. ETC is the partner of choice for us and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a technology partner!

Dr. Michelle Messner, DVM Owner
Creekside Animal Clinic

"We Relied On One Person For Our IT Needs Who Was Incompetent, Unresponsive, And Did Not Protect Our Data! The Team At ETC Is Passionate, Knowledgeable And Provides Us The Technology We Need To Help Us Stay Focused On Our Core Business Needs."

Prior to ETC our business used an individual who was sufficient when the business was smaller and the world was not as connected.  ETC was able to create a more stable IT environment with superior back up and security.  In addition, since our acquisition in 2015 ETC has been very flexible with integrating with our parent company and satellite operations.  ETC’s strength is focusing on its customer’s needs and bringing forward workable solutions.  ETC also stays current on technology trends and security threats and proactively communicates opportunities and exposures.  For any business that does not have its own IT department I would recommend incorporating ETC in your search for an IT partner.  Emerson and the team are passionate about providing great support and helping businesses stay focused on their core business competencies and not IT issues.

John Hazlett, CPA Controller
H&S Tool, A CLIMAX Company

“After Months of Frustration We Finally Broke Free from Using a One-Man Band, and I Am So Glad We Choose ETC TechSolutions As Our Managed Service Provider.”

Like most small businesses we were struggling with simple technical issues. We would call our IT guy who was unable to meet our needs in a timely fashion, and often he seemed in over his head. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was when I was unable to access files and print between our two buildings. We were referred to Emerson and his team by another company in the area. ETC was not only able to resolve all our issues but they provided us with a cloud based solution that allows us to work from anywhere! They are always willing to respond to our needs, and they have taken the time to learn how our business operates. They then use this knowledge to recommend new technology that helps us work more efficiently! I would without doubt recommended anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, friendly, and fast IT provider to call ETC TechSolutions!

Lisa Devenport Operations Manager
Barberton Tree Service, Inc.

“We were struggling and overwhelmed when we were using ‘sketchy’ IT companies. We had no plans for protecting and securing our data until we partnered with ETC. ETC has provided us the right tools to grow our business and is a true partner and extension of our company.”

As a small business, we struggled to keep up in the tech world. When a computer problem arose, we were helpless and overwhelmed. Our website was severely ineffective and outdated. We had no plan in place for preserving our data and its security. After a few computer repairs by friends, family or sketchy companies, we stumbled onto ETC Tech Solutions. Emerson and staff are very knowledgeable! It is so reassuring to know that we can focus on what we do best and leave the “tech stuff” to them- they are now an extension of our operations!

Chuck Conrad Owner
Conrad’s Heating and Cooling

“Having A Solid Technology Infrastructure In Place Prevents Downtime And Lost Productivity. ETC Is Different – A True Partner and Leader In The Industry – Knowledgeable, Responsive, And Reliable!”

As a law firm our main goal is to provide our services to our clients. We rely heavily on technology and when the technology is not readily available it results in lost productivity. We were often switching to different IT Companies because they were unable to provide fast reliable services. These companies also lacked communication with us which made it very frustrating for us to work with them.

We met with Emerson and conveyed our pain points with previous IT, and he gave us his word that ETC would be able to deliver. ETC delivers reliable service and provides exceptional customer service. The requests we submit are addressed promptly and we often receive a follow up phone call from either a team member or the CEO himself! The entire team can discuss with us our needs, changes, and requests and provide us with the correct solution.

Our firm can now rest assured that we are covered when it comes to our technology. The office runs efficiently and we are avoid downtime! We would highly recommend anyone looking for a knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable partner to contact Emerson and his team!

Shannon Sorensen, Esq. Partner
Shifrin Newman Smith Inc

“Attending A Cyber Security Event And Hearing Emerson Talk About Today’s Threats Opened Our Eyes To How Vulnerable We Really Were! ETC Built Us A ‘Security in Layers’ Network For Reliability And Growth For The Future.”

We had a home-grown IT network that was just not working for our business. We had a phone system that was old and problematic, our credit card reader failed the last PCI security test, and our network was unsecure and unstable.

Right before our office was getting ready to move, we were invited to attend a Cyber Security seminar where Emerson was a speaker. After hearing about the latest threats in cybercrime and what could happen to our business if we were a victim, we knew we needed to make a change. We met with Emerson who reviewed our company workflow, our needs, and where we were the most vulnerable. Emerson and his team built us a layered security plan to protect us from today’s cyber criminals. We upgraded our phone system to a Hosted Solution where we can customize just about anything. Our new network infrastructure is business class, secured, and will protect us from today’s cyber criminals.

ETC’s support staff is responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. It is a pleasure working with a company that keeps us secure on the big web and can take us into the future.

Debbie Davidson Managing Partner
SprayWorks Equipment Group LLC.

“A Highly Qualified and Diverse Strategic Partnership”

ETC TechSolutions genuinely cares about our company initiatives and makes them their own. From start to finish, there is a true passion to understand where the business is going and how they can help accomplish that mission.

Asking the right discovery questions allows ETC TechSolutions to recommend the best possible solution that not only solves the issue but aligns with current business processes and goals.

Adam Hood President & CEO
Perfect Power Wash

“Managed IT Services, One Fewer “Hat” to Wear”

The biggest benefit of IT services is that there is one fewer “hat” I have to wear at the office. ETC TechSolutions’ response times and quality of work are amazing in comparison to other tech services. My staff can contact ETC TechSolutions directly to receive support, and I have less chance of being pulled in a different direction.

Ian Messner General Manager
The Retreat at Creekside Animal Clinic, Inc.

“You Won’t Find Anyone Better in Northeast Ohio!”

ETC TechSolutions is transparent and true in every aspect. They not only know how to do the work but actually care about you and your company.

Any company can offer “help desk” services but the personal investment is what sets ETC TechSolutions far apart from the competition. You are getting the best work, at the best cost, with the best company out there.

Karen Jones Administrative Assistant
Summit County Continuum of Care

“Two Decades of Service and Counting”

ETC TechSolutions has been our IT firm for 20 years. Their customer service is outstanding. In an ever-changing environment of electronics, ETC ensures we are up-to-date and compatible with new technology. All software updates and network backups are managed and monitored by their firm, making our business run smoothly and effectively.

Kim Erks Owner
Crystal Contracting

“ETC TechSolutions, A Trusted Partner”

I think the biggest accolade I can give is that ETC TechSolutions met with me on short notice and took on our project knowing we had a very short window to establish our operations. ETC made a huge commitment and took on the challenge of our project. They did not know anything about us until the initial phone call. ETC jumped in with all of their resources and made sure we were functional by our deadline. I am extremely grateful for their willingness to take us on as a client for the build out of our dispatch center, as well as the continued support they provide.

Kim Baldwin Dispatch Manager
South Summit Dispatch